We have a wide range of exclusive aluminum windows. Discover the benefits and applications of projected windows (side hung and top hung), sliding windows (vertical and horizontal sliding), Pivot windows, Tilt and Turn windows, Arched and Round windows. Explore the different styles and their advantages so you can make an educated choice for your own space.
The large glass panes enable natural light to flow onto entrances and living areas depending on the application.

Aluminum Windows & Replacement Windows

Aluminum is a durable and strong metal, that’s why aluminum windows usually outlast other conventional windows. It is well known that aluminum windows and replacement windows offered by Sigma Doors, South Africa, are produced from high quality extruded aluminum alloy. Therefore our windows maintain rigidity and can resist forceful twisting and wrapping when exposed to the elements.

The durability of our Aluminum Windows

Although being made from a light metal compared to wooden or steel windows, aluminum windows and doors are still considered good insulators from both the heat and cold. Unlike wooden windows that warping, expansion or contracting when exposed to moisture, aluminum withstands all types of severe weather elements all year round.

Choice of Color Options

Our range of standard aluminum windows comes in a variety of colors. This ensures that you can easily shop for the correct color that will suit the desired appearance for your home of office.
Should the color you are looking for be absent from the color selector, please contact us for assistance. Other colors are provided on request due to low volumes of demand. Our consultants will provide you with a quote and the timeline for the provision of other specified colors on request.

Aluminum Windows – Sliding, Side Hung or Top Hung?

Sigma doors provides a wide configuration to choose from.? Our windows comes in three main configurations:
*Sliding aluminum windows
*Top hung (Awning) aluminum windows and
*Side hung aluminum windows
Depending on the application and type of usage required, you must consider the frequency of use, maintenance and ventilation aspects.

Fixtures and Glazing

All our windows come completely fitted with glass, handles and hinges.
Note that custom specifications, sizes and number of sashes can be ordered separately by email or calling our sales consultants.
At Sigma doors we ensure our aluminum windows and doors stands up to the expectations of customers in terms of quality, durability and style.
Place your order online and we will do whatever necessary to get it to your doorsteps without any further delay.
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Top Hung
Sliding Windows
Tilt & Turn Windows
Aluminum Pivot Windows
Aluminum Sliding Folding Windows